Our mission is to build digital products that last. By being reasonable product craftsmen, we're able to avoid surprises and focus on the quality of the software we deliver.
What helps us achieve it is our goal to become the no. 1 JavaScript software development company in the world by focusing on one technology, supporting the ecosystem (open source). We're eager to help technology driven companies achieve their business goals with our help. All that is possible thanks to our great team.


We are Seyal Innovates.

Product Development


Transparent agreement. Time and materials contract.

Product Development

Close collaboration

Joint planning sessions and constant communication.

UI/UX Design

Focus on results

Automated tests and code review.

Web Development

Perfect process

Perfect process


We operate with a model providing services to our customers in nearby countries.

Our objective is to help your company achieve business success.

We provide our international clients with our expertise in different areas related to the software development process.

How your company will approach working with us depends on your specific needs.

You can choose from any of the following ENGAGEMENT MODELS, a combination of these or we’ll tailor one for you.

Product Development

Dedicated Teams

UI/UX Design

Time & Materials

We know you have the greatest IDEAS in mind

We can help you complete your in-house workforce

Let's Talk


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